Good and Bad Assembly Instructions

I think we all know that Ikea does a great job with their assembly instructions. They’re so simple to understand and include everything you could possibly need to know in putting together your furniture. I’m glad I was able to find the instructions for the “malm” online because I recently bought a malm and had no trouble putting it together. In fact, the instructions were so easy to understand when I moved, I was able to dismantle and reassemble my malm with no instructions. It was so easy the first time I just remembered.

Malm Instructions


Another great example of furniture instructions are the following assembly images. Although the page doesn’t include an equipment section (which I find really helpful), the images are very clear and all the motions make sense.

TV Table



The following instructions are an example of awful, awful assembly design. Not only do I have no idea what they’re assembling, I have no idea how to even begin reading the assembly instructions. Additonally, the fact that they’re combining image text with caption text is extremely confusing while the image of the guy and his hands are weird too.

Bad Gun (?) Assembly Instructions


I found this image of all the pieces of a gun levitating into each other and decided it was too bizarre not to post. I’m not sure if it constitutes assembly instructions, but it is definitely hinting at where the pieces go and how they fit together. Unfortunately, there is far too much going on for your eye to even consider resting on one place and the strange text key is difficult to reference.



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